Boot gRPC Client

GRPC Clients

In order to talk to a - not in process - factstore (which is the usual setup for non-test applications), GRPC is the communication protocol used.

Using FactCast client in Spring boot via GRPC

If you use Spring take the easy path in your Spring Boot Application by adding the appropriate dependencies to your application:


There are example projects: factcast-examples/factcast-example-client-spring-boot2 and factcast-examples/factcast-example-client-spring-boot1 respectivly, that you can use as a template.

Note that factcast-client-grpc is built on top of ( If you are looking for the basic configuration properties, that is where you can find the latest version.

At the time of writing, the most relevant are:

Name Example Value required
grpc.client.factcast.address static://localhost:9090 yes
grpc.client.factcast.negotiationType PLAINTEXT no
grpc.client.factstore.enable-keep-alive true no