Schema Registry CLI

This CLI provides a convenient way to create a suitable Schema Registry for your Factcast installation. It will give you the ability to validate events against examples and to make sure that there's always a upcast and if necessary a downcast transformation.

It produces a human and a machine readable output. You will have to use hugo in order to get a proper static website.

A working example can be found here.

Build the example

The example will be build during mvn install, but you can reach the same via

$ java -jar target/fc-schema-cli.jar build -p ../factcast-examples/factcast-example-schema-registry/src/main/resources

build validates and builds the example and also produces a output directory that contains the static website. Inside this folder run

$ hugo server

to get quick feedback or

$ hugo

in order to create the deployable schema registry (located at output/public).

About CI Pipelines and Artifacts

We propose to the following pipeline

Build -> Package -> Upload


  • runs the fc-schema-cli to build the registry
  • fails on wrong input/broken schema


  • runs $ hugo in order to produce the artifact


  • uploads output/public to static file server (like S3)

Available commands and options

$ java -jar target/fc-schema-cli.jar -h

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Usage: fc-schema [-hV] [COMMAND]
Tool for working with the Factcast Schema Registry spec
  -h, --help      Show this help message and exit.
  -V, --version   Print version information and exit.
  validate  Validate your current events
  build     Validates and builds your registry